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General #

I'll never ask you to click on a link, or any give me information through email. I'll use internal DM for that, and I'll not ask your password, never. If required I'll use any of the email addresses listed below, but that will be only a follow-up action from DMs. I see very rare cases when I initiate a conversation with you through an email as you are already available on the Fediverse.

For all fairness and transparency, nothing uses email addresses directly and all incoming emails land in my inbox with a catch-all address. Only two addresses are configured as a sender identity: and

If you have any question, tag me, DM me, write an email to any of the addresses mentioned above (please be civil with catch-all addresses).

Email Addresses #

If in any cases I have to use email to communicate with you, it will come from one of these addresses and it will be signed by the key listed next to it.

Address PGP Fingerprint OpenPGP Link Download 8F32 093A EECC F279 A086 2D5C 6707 DC2D 64F2 B0B9 download F2A0 ADBF 3C6F B3A9 0BE2 596D 4D74 40FF F9E5 8C65 download 3333 347E 7464 E7D9 1B55 12B2 312D 70F6 4B9E 1FBA download

Instance Admins #

efertone #

Fediverse Profile
Age Public Key age15velesv0zwpsc5w0n4da5tv64u9fzuhl8hjpvdmeayjg00fdf4wsxl834c
Pronouns she/her

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